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Okay. The other three posted today. So now I feel like I have to. Even though I didn’t do anything writing related today. I had a doctor’s appt first thing this morning. I finally dilated the last little bit to get me from almost 3 to 3. And if I’m still pregnant on Wednesday, we’re going to induce. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be pregnant on Wednesday.

 Anyhow. After that, I came home and went pretty much straight back to bed. Just a little bit of straightening up. Then when my long long nap was over, we had to take the cat to get his blood glucose checked. It was still a little high, but they didn’t up his insulin dosage. And we have to take him back in two weeks. I just hope he does okay with the baby when she comes. Because the baby wins, and no one’s going to want to adopt a moody old diabetic cat. So our only option would be to put him to sleep.

After the vet, it was off to my brother’s house to work on making Spycraft characters. I don’t know when we’ll actually be playing the game, since I’m giving birth this week, but whatever. Then we went to the store to get some organizational stuff and came home to do more straightening and putting away of baby stuff. Of course that got ruined when I discovered that the cat had peed in the tub of baby clothes so they all have to be washed and folded again. And that’s when I decided it was time to stop trying to do things. Because getting pissed off at the cat gave me a stomach-ache. And while I’m totally ready to have my baby, I don’t want to have her because I let myself get too stressed out.

And that pretty much catches us up to now. And my lack of doing anything productive in the writing arena. And really, I don’t plan on doing anything productive until probably next week. Because tomorrow, I’ll attempt baby stuff again. And Wednesday, I’m going to have a baby. Then there’s Thursday and Friday in the hospital. And I’m sure Saturday and Sunday will be full of visiting family. Monday night is my baby shower. So we’re talking Tuesday before I’ll have a chance to breathe without saying baby. If then.

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Posted August 21, 2007 by Maidenfine in Baby Stuff

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