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Okay. Apparently, wordpress doesn’t like Netscape and eats all my attempted posts. So, hello IE.

 The other day, I was sitting in the care listening to System of a Down, when I was suddenly in the mood to work on The Mansion. They have a couple songs that I wanted to turn into a video about Sami and Ulan. But I’m not a video person, so I just have the video in my head. So those songs came on, and I thought of the video I wanted to make and that made me want to write.

Then, a couple days later, same CD, different song, same desire to work on The Mansion. So at that point, I decided two things. One, I need to keep a notebook in my purse again. It’s been too long since I got the strong urge to write so my notebook made its way out. Now it needs to make its way back in. Two, System of a Down makes me want to work on The Mansion. So, starting next week (since I’m working for my mom the next two days and will be exhausted), I’m going to sit down every day for at least an hour and listen to System of a Down. We’ll see how quickly my editing gets done.

Editing Progress: 46%


Posted September 20, 2007 by Maidenfine in Challenge of the Badgers

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  1. All praise to System of a Down! I’m also anxious to see how much writing too! Music, too, is my motivation. Chat with you soon! XD

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