Bonding over Mommy’s Boobs   Leave a comment

“Do you see Mommy? You’re looking at her boobs aren’t you? You only like Mommy for her boobs. That’s okay. Me too.”

My husband likes to claim that the baby doesn’t like him. Which is totally untrue, she just doesn’t like him the same way she likes me. But then, I spend all day and most of every night with her. He spends some of every night with her. And nights when I have class? He usually goes to his mom’s. So I just don’t think she’s quite sure who he is yet. But she definitely likes him.

On the writing front, I’ve begun outlining my NaNo novel. I haven’t worked on my editing because at the NaNo kickoff last week, we locked up our internal editors. So I don’t really have the head for it right now. I’ll come back to it in December. Or halfway through November if I finish NaNo in ten days like I plan to. I figure with all the roleplaying I do at night, I probably write 5,000 t0 10,000 words a day. Words that generally (not always, but generally) do nothing for me. Some days, I do work with Denise on some of our collaborative stuff. But a lot of days, we just play around. So I think it’s perfectly reasonable for me to expect to write 5,000 words a day during NaNo and finish in ten days. And then I don’t have as much chance to run out of steam and excitement and whatnot. There are people who’ve been doing NaNo for a while that type multiple 100,000 word novels during the month.

Actually, maybe I’ll try to finish up The Mansion 2 if I finish in ten days. Then I’ll be in the lovely position of having three things to edit. Although I’m not going to pick up my NaNo novel for editing until probably March. You know, when NaNoEdMo happens.


Posted October 30, 2007 by Maidenfine in Challenge of the Badgers

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