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I hit 10k yesterday. I celebrated, but not for long, since I’m still behind. I should have hit 10k the night before in order to be on track for the month. And my brain is doing this strange thing where it’s moving forward from two seperate points in my novel. So I just keep bouncing from one part to the other and back, sometimes in the middle of scenes. I really need to get caught up, but I’ve got class tonight, so my chances aren’t good. We also need to somehow cram in getting my medication refilled and buying new insulin and needles for the cat. We’ve been out for a few days, but had to wait for my husband’s paycheck. I’ve felt so bad, because the cat hops up on his shot chair and stares at us when it’s time. Only we don’t have anything to give him. It’s awful.

I’m at 10,804 words. By the end of the night, I somehow have to be at 13,333. If I make it, I’m eating a king size butterfinger. If I don’t, no candy at all. Even if my husband tosses some at me later. And he does that sometimes.


Posted November 8, 2007 by Maidenfine in Challenge of the Badgers

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