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So, I skipped Round 2, but here’s my Round 4 entry. It was supposed to be in a genre I don’t usually write and I decided on Horror, since I’ve been sort of leaning that way in my thinking and roleplaying lately. And all three of the judges said that this made them want tootsie rolls. Go figure.



I should have known it was a trick. People do not invite fat, dorky Mischeline Parker to parties. Especially not handsome popular boys like Darrell Quentin. Or his oh-so-pretty, Barbie girlfriend, Janie Russell. It really ticks me a little to know that if I’d been smart, if I’d recognized the trick for what it was, I wouldn’t currently be cowering in a dark, dank closet, listening to someone screaming. If I hadn’t been so naïve, I might have stayed home and missed the death fest that their stupid, fake party turned out to be.

I’m sure everything was going just like they planned, too. I’d been invited to Janie’s family’s cabin by the lake for “a little get-together. It’ll be lots of fun, you know? And we thought, hey, why not invite Misch? It’s been so long since we hung out with you. Like freaking middle school.”

Yeah. I thought that sounded convincing. So I went. It wasn’t like I’d never been to Janie’s family’s cabin before. I was just a hundred pounds lighter at the time. At least. So I drive out there. I was at least a little surprised to find that they were all actually at the cabin, just hanging out, waiting for the festivities to begin.

And begin they did. With truth or dare. After asking me every embarrassing question under the sun, they finally realized that I was never going to choose dare and therefore, they couldn’t humiliate me that way. So out came the Ouija board. Yes. You heard me. Ouija. The same thing teenagers have been fooling around with since, well, ever. It started out pretty typical.

“Are there any spirits here?”
“What’s your name?”
AGJU. Don’t ask me how that name came to be.
“Why are you here?”
TO KILL. This was the part where people started to ask who was moving the pointer. As usual, no one fessed up.
“Uh, who are you here to kill?”
ALL OF YOU. Figuring the whole thing for a joke, I found this to be pretty funny. So I laughed. Janie, Suzie, and Miranda all told me to shut up.

“Stop moving it, Misch. This isn’t funny, fatcakes.”

That shut me up. I could really use a tootsie roll. They’re fat free, you know.

“You should kill Misch. She’s got the most meat on her bones,” Janie said to the Ouija board. As if it was listening. Of course, then the pointer ripped out of her hand. I think that was when I realized that no one was joking. No one was touching the thing but it slid smoothly over to point at the NO.


The back door slamming around made everyone jump. By some unfathomable system of seniority, I was sent to check it out. I probably should have died. I walked through the kitchen and out onto the back porch.

I was looking around, but it had gotten pretty dark. I couldn’t see a thing. So I started to head back inside only to run into. . . something. It was hard as a rock and stared down at me through glassy eyes. Drool slowly dripped from it’s jaws and its breath reeked of decay. Predictably, I fainted.

When I woke up, I was stuck in this closet. I tried the knob a little. But it was locked and then the screaming started. For a split second, I’d thought maybe the monster on the porch was just a costume, maybe that was the trick they were playing on the fat girl. But the screams were real. They’ve been going on for a while now. I don’t even know if I’m still in the cabin. This closet is so dark. I’ve never really liked dark places. I could use a tootsie roll. They’re fat free, you know.

There it goes again. I think it’s Janie. But it’s hard to tell. I suppose I should be glad that whatever it is doesn’t like fatties. Or maybe it’s just saving me for last.

I could really use a tootsie roll. They’re fat free, you know.


Posted April 11, 2008 by Maidenfine in Writing

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