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By some miracle, I actually managed to get my Best First Day, though at 10pm, I had just a little over 1000 words and I’d struggled for each one. But the next hour went by quickly without a toddler constantly trying to help or asking for food or juice or a new diaper. She is definitely going to make NaNo a much bigger challenge this year. But I managed to hit my goal of 2000 words and I even have a half hour to get the NaNoWriMo site to work so I can upload my word count. And for those who want to see it, I present my first scene.

Warning: Toward the end of the scene, it became very uncomfortable to write and I’m sure it will be just as uncomfortable to read. So seriously, if you have issues with rape, don’t read it.


The whispered call woke Drake from a doze. Looking around, he realized that Lark must have finally arrived home. Apparently, it had not been a good idea for Tim to set this up for a Friday. Like normal people, Lark had had things to do.
“Holy shit,” George whispered. “Lark looks hot when she is not all dressed up in those freak clothes.” Drake’s eyes swiveled to the house as a finger of fear tickled at the base of his spine. Lark must have been home for a bit. She was already changed for bed. They had caught sight of her entering her bedroom, already dressed for bed. She was currently brushing her hair wearing a tank top and a pair of black sweatpants. Maybe on another day, drake would have agreed with George’s assessment of her looks. But not today. Not on this trip.
“So what’s the plan?” Drake asked. He really hoped there actually was a plan. “I say we bust up her radio equipment,” George said. “That’ll teach her to keep her mouth shut.”
“Nah,” Drake said, shaking his head. “I bet that stuff’s expensive.” Tim looked at him like he was crazy.
“That’s kind of the point, Drake. If it’s expensive, she can’t replace it really easy.”
“Okay, yeah. But if we get caught, it’s a felony. We could break something worth less and still get the message across. And then we’d probably be able to get off with probation at the most.” Before Drake could get any further with his reasoning, Tim reached over to smack him in the side of the head.
“Shut up with all that law shit, Drake. If you didn’t want to risk getting in trouble, you shouldn’t have come.”
“Fine. Whatever. What’s the plan, then, Tim?”
“You guys bust up some shit, while I scare the hell out of her. Make it loud stuff. Glass or something.”
“What are you gonna do?” George asked, whispering loudly. Drake wasn’t sure he wanted to be here and he definitely didn’t want to hear Tim’s answer. Especially after he laughed, a sound that send chills through him.
“I’ll just pin her down and make sure she knows wwhat she did.”
Of course “what she did” was make fun of the dixie High School football team after their receent loss to Snow Canyon. Though it wasn’t her fault that everyone that lstened to her show started calling them Dixie Floppers instead of Flyers. Trying to convince Tim of that was a futile endeavor. And Drake had tried.
“Just be careful, Tim. We don’t want yo hurt her.” Or at least Drake didn’t want to hurt her. He couldn’t actually speak to the motives of the other two.
Tim didn’t respond. Instead he started to head foro the ouse in the dark, leading the other two. The furter things went, the less comfortable Drake as with the plan, but he figured he’d have more luck watching out for the girl if he was actually there. Tim made it to the back porch and headed for a window. At first Drake questioned the fact that he ignored the sliding glass doors. But the window opened right up and within seconds Tim had climbed through and was lifting the bar that held the glass doors shut. Drake wondered how many times Tim had broken into houses when he could pull off a move like that in such little time.
As George moved quietly into the house, Drake shook off the thought and followed. Tim was already halfway across the living room. Drake looked around the room, feeling bad that they were going to be wrecking the place. It looked like Lark’s mom was really int interior decorating. The open archway to the kitchen was adorned with light curtains, pulled to either side and fastened with a maroon sash that matched the couch and chair set in the living room. The bar that ran along the wall between the living room and kitchen held a large television and a small set of shelves containing the family’s collection of VHS tapes. Drake couldn’t tell in the dark, but it seemed like they must be Lark’s videos. All the titles that he could read were recent. Drake was so caught up in looking around, he jumped when George knocked a vase from the fireplace behind him. The muffled scream from the short hallway across the room made him sick to his stomach. But he’d known what they were here to do. He just had to make sure that things didn’t get out of hand. He wasn’t completely sure how he could prevent it, but he was set on trying his best.
“Come on, man. Break something.” George’s whispered command prmpted drake to send the shelf of video tapes tumbling to the floor. George shook his head and snorted. It had obviously been a poor effort as far as he was concerned.
A scream sounded from the hallway, immediately catching Drake’s attention. He headed in that direction, only to be stopped by George.
“Where do you think you’re going, man?” George hissed at him. “We got a job to do.”
“He’s hurting her in there,” Drake protested. He knew he should have volunteered to be the one to frighten her. But he also knew he couldn’ have pulled it off, and his status with the team was shaky as it was.
Almost on cue, another scream sounded from the direction of Lark’s bedroom and Drake tried to push past his teammate. George held him back easily and, not for the first time, Drake regretted being one of the smallest guys on the team.
“He’s just showing her how we fly,” George said. Drake wasn’t sure what the hell that meant, but the increasing frequency of noise coming from her room sent a chill clear through him.
“Yeah, how’s he doing that?” Drake tried again to push past the larger boy. If he could push him far enough maybe he could at least get her door open to see what was going on in there. Suddenly, Tim could be heard letting out a roar from the other side of the door.
“You bitch!” There was no mistaking the sound of slap, followed by another scream.
“Tell me he’s not hurting her now,” Drake growled, trying once again to push past the larger boy. The ensuing scuffle in the hallway knocked pictures to the floor, but did nothing to distract Drake from the sounds in Lark’s room.
By some miracle, Drake got past the other boy but as soon as he opened the door, he wished he hadn’t. Tim had her pinned to the bed with one hand, the other holding her legs apart. For a split second, Lark’s eyes met his and he nearly fell over from the pain they held. What the hell had he become a part of? By the time his mind recovered from the sight, George had caught up to him and tackled him to her floor.
“Get off of her,” he growled at Tim, though it did no good. George continued to hold him down despite his struggles. The squeaking of the bed and Lark’s continued cries told him that Tim hadn’t even paused in his deed. It felt like years that Drake lay pinned on the floor, struggling to get free, wanting to save her from the horror of what was going on just a few feet from where he was. But eventually, the bed squeaked one last time as Tim moved away from the bed, releasing Lark. Drake could hear her sobbing and it felt like his stomach might lose its contents all over her bedroom floor. George moved off of him and he started to stand. Tim ended that thought with a swift kick to the stomach, sending him toppling to the floor, the breath knocked out of him.
“Don’t interrupt me next time, asshole. You almost killed the mood.” Tim and George left the room and the house, apparently not worried about Drake or the whimpering girl. After regaining his breath, Drake crawled to the phone on her bedside table. It broke his heart as she pulled away, obviously afraid of him. Maybe she hadn’t been aware of his attempts to save her. Nonetheless, he pulled the receiver from it’s base and punched in the number for emergency dispatch. It might take some explaining to keep himself from being arrested in connection to what had happened. But even if he had to spend some time chatting with the police, he had to get her some help.
“I’m sorry, Lark,” he whispered as he hung up after talking to the dispatcher. “I’m so so sorry.” She didn’t respond. He wasn’t even positive that she heard him. She just lay there on her bed, staring at some point in space. He made his way out of her room, sitting outside her door to guard her until the police arrived.


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  1. You want to hear something crazy? I had written Tim as being blond haired and blue eyed before I even read your mind map. Either we’re still running on the same oogy-boogy wavelength or we both have a serious something against Caucasian men.


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