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Okay, so last September or October or so (all I know is it was before last NaNo), I created a Sims roleplay character named Arun. He was awkward as hell, way smarter than me (which is hard to play), but totally adorable. Meet Arun.

Now, the point of bringing up my handsome Arun, is that I totally found the real-life manifestation of him. And I swear, this man needs to be famous, if only for his eyes. I was trying to help Sotalia find a man to be the face for a couple of her characters in our current project and I ended up at models.com. After rummaging around with the famous guys (who seriously all look damn near the same), I went to the member portfolio search. And I was just browsing through Asia when I found him. Pratyush K. Seriously. Look at him. Now, reallllly look at him. My first thought when I saw him was “Arun? What are you doing being a real person?” That was followed by, “yes, sir, I will stare into your eyes for five minutes straight.” I can’t stop. As I said, he should be famous, just for those. Not to mention, I think he’s just as good looking as all the clones on the Top 50 male models list.


Posted December 14, 2008 by Maidenfine in Randomness

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