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The new year has started and already I feel as though I’m failing at my New Years Resolutions. I missed church last week, and even though it was because I was ill, I still felt as though it was a slight failure, since my goal was to go for 8 weeks straight in order to get back in the habit. I miss being in God’s presence the way I used to.

I wanted to give up soda and chocolate as well, and those have been sooooo hard. But the last soda I had was with my lunch on Wednesday. And I don’t recall having chocolate since the 2nd or 3rd. Though I’ll probably have some tonight at my brother’s. I’m more concerned about the fact that I want to work out three times a week and last night was the first night I did anything close. Even starting my weeks on monday, there are only three days left to pull off two more workout sessions.

And then there’s the writing. 3000 words by Sunday night to send to my handsome new taskmaster. How many do I have so far? A big whopping 0. Granted, work has been pure insanity this week, but I still feel like there must be something wrong with me that I’m doing so terribly on ALL of my resolutions, so soon into the year.

Here’s hoping I can pull off a little positivity and quiet time so I can get my writing done. And maybe if I workout after work tonight, that chocolate can be a reward instead of another nail in my fat coffin.


Posted January 9, 2009 by Maidenfine in Resolutions, Writing

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