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So it’s not 3000 words, but it’s something. I’ve been writing more each week. And considering I usually will maybe write 3000 words in a month (other than November), I figure that’s good. Work has slowed considerably. The other things that I was working on at the beginning of the year have slowed down. So I wrote over 1000 words just yesterday. I’ve found that pen and paper work best for me. Yes, I can type faster than I write, but other than NaNo, it really doesn’t matter how fast I get it all put in the computer. So, since I think better on paper, I’ve been writing on paper and then typing it later. I have a PDF of Cornell lined paper and I figured out how many pages of that it takes for me to get 1k words. So now I just print off the 12 pages I need to fill in order to hit my weekly goal and then I just keep writing until I run out of paper.

On another front, I’ve lost 5 pounds since I started using the Wii Fit at my mom’s. I got sick in the middle and had some issues with dizziness that kept me from doing much. But I’ve been getting over there to exercise whenever I can and I’m almost actually averaging three times a week. After posting about how terrible I was doing at my resolutions, I went to my mom’s to work out and felt sooooo much better. And the Wii Fit is so much fun, I ended up totally killing myself by working out on 4 out of 5 days in a row. After a break to let my muscles relax a little, I’ve been at it as much as I can. It really doesn’t feel like working out, even when I’m doing step aerobics and running until I can’t breathe (the island lap is a bitch). I wish everyone could have a Wii Fit in their house just because it makes working out such a treat. And while I know that the stomach bug my daughter gave me probably contributed to my weight loss, it still feels good to get on the scale and see that I’ve lost over 5 pounds since I started. It’s not a huge number, but I’m on track to achieve my goal.

I’m really thinking positive this week. I still haven’t made it to church (seriously, it’s been one sickness after another since the New Year). But I think that once I have a little bit more success with some of my other goals, that will get worked in there, too. I’m looking forward to having more energy as I get healthier. Right now, it’s so hard to crawl out of bed. The mornings feel like they show up way too soon. But I have a feeling if I keep exercising, that’s going to change.


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