Family Drama and the Will to Write   Leave a comment

I have not written anything (other than Crossroads stuff) in over a week now. I finished my ABNA entry and then it feels like my brain went to sleep. Or on strike. Or something. The last couple of days, my fingers have been itching, but when I put paper in front of me, my mind wanders. It’s a terrible problem. I pretty much hate it. I’ll have to sit down and force myself to write in just a little bit, since I’m done with work for the day and still have almost 4 hours to sit around the office. Plus, I’ve already used up my allotment of daily Facebook time. And played around with my site (I had a new guestbook comment!) so I shouldn’t have a bunch of distractions. Though I think “shouldn’t” is the key word there.

In Crossroads news, I’m starting to feel a little discouraged. I’m in love with all of our characters and the things we’ve got written so far (including the stuff that’s so super-secret, even I can’t see it yet). But it’s starting to feel like we’re never going to put any of it up. And that seems sad to me, because I know that if we did get it up, people would love it. It’s amazing.

In family news, my husband’s grandfather is visiting from South Carolina, so Elisebeth is meeting a new grandparent this week. She seems to be on the fence about his so far, but she did play with him a little last night. My little sister’s messes just keep getting bigger and at this point, I’m just hoping that when everything is said and done, she’ll be stronger for it. If not, maybe I’ll have more book fodder. As if I need more than the ample amount that lives in my head already. But I’m praying for her and I’m thinking about her and I know that at this point, there isn’t much for her that wouldn’t be better.

Now, I just need to make myself write.


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