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Considering I have had my website for 3-4 years now, it strikes me as odd that I have gotten the following response multiple times in the last month: “You have a website?” When talking to people close to me about the changes I’ve been making to my website, that’s been their response. My mother, my sister, and my best friend all three said this to me. Which means either they haven’t been paying attention (the URL is in my email signature), or I haven’t been talking about it before now. I’m guessing it’s a combination of both. Though I’m pretty sure my grandparents knew I had a website. But then, they’ve actually read my novel and my mother and sister haven’t. Oh well. I suppose I’ll just have to be more vocal about my website. I should make up some business cards when I have some time.

In other news, it’s NaNoEdMo. I’ve wanted to participate in this for the last few years but always kept missing it when it came around. This year, I actually had been editing on the first, so when I found out it was EdMo time on the second, I punched my brain a few times until it told me how many hours I’d logged (it helps to rough it up every once in a while, I swear). So I’m sitting at a lovely little 4 hours, which would have been more, but I accidentally left my flash drive at work. Go me.

On the topic of finding out about NaNoEdMo, I remembered it when I went to Day #2 of JA Konrath’s blog tour. I’m excited about his blog tour for several reasons. 1. I just think it’s a cool idea and I was supposed to have a touring author stop here after NaNoWriMo 2007, but the people never got around to contacting me with details. So whatever. I just like the idea of blog tours. 2) He’s coming here! I don’t have a specific date yet, and I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to ask him to write about (I’m thinking on it really hard, though). But he’s coming to visit my blog sometime this month.

I also just updated my site with some info about the project that I’m currently editing like a fiend for NaNoEdMo.


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One response to “Websites, NaNoEdMo, and a Visitor

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  1. I knew you had a site. I just forgot that you had one. I forget about my own website you know.

    As for the business cards, you do know where you can get them cheap, right? *eyes*

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