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Okay, so any of you that have been (un?)lucky enough to be in the Topeka, KS NaNoWriMo group, will know that I love http://www.spacejock.com. I have read all of the articles for writers, many of them more than once. I use yWriter like a faithful cult member, and I’ve at least tried some of his other software. I’ve also downloaded the free ebook of the first novel in his Hal Spacejock series (though I’ll admit that I have at LEAST a dozen books in my To-Read queue so I haven’t gotten to it yet).

The point is, I pretty much love everything this guy does. So if you love the things that I love (and why wouldn’t you?) then you will go and at least look at his new ebooks. They are cheaper than other ebooks (which means I’ll actually buy them despite my deep love for the feel, look, and smell of real books) and there’s no DRM. Which is awesome, since you weren’t going to steal them anyway, right? So go buy something. I’ll be along just as soon as I get paid from all the stuff I’ve been looking at on YouData.

And before you can ask, yes, I was bribed to do this. But I probably would have gotten around to it eventually anyway. I seriously love this guy.


Posted March 13, 2009 by Maidenfine in Randomness, Writing

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