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This always happens. I get fired up about writing during NaNo or, in this case, a writers retreat. Then, as soon as said firing up is completed, absolute chaos descends upon me, killing any opportunity to write until such time as I am completely discouraged once again.

I came back to work after my writers retreat with a cold, and such a massive amount of work that I had to have someone some in to help me, otherwise I would never have unburied myself. Today is the closest I’ve been to a “normal” workload day and I still have nearly 20 files to open and over 30 to close. And while I don’t mind actually having work to do instead of sitting around doing nothing all day, it was really nice when I had time to write at work.

So far, my tactic has been to try to squeeze writing time in between everything else that goes on in the evenings. I try to write something every day and I’ve got a little journal that I’ve been hand writing it in, so I can keep track of when I miss a day. And I’ve also been trying to make sure that I read. When I started working on my query and such, I realized that I have no idea (beyond Twilight, which I used to love and now hate) what is out there for young adult fantasy. So I’m “researching.” My current research book, A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb, has been perfect. It has short enough chapters that I can tell myself I need to read a chapter a day and it gets done. And I’m really enjoying the book, though I’m not quite sure where things are going. But I’m enjoying the characters and the strangeness of their situation.

And despite the fact that my pseudo-cold at the end of March has blossomed into a lovely head-cold of epic proportions, I’m still doing. I’m getting caught up at work (finally), I’m writing every day, I’m reading every day, I’m trying to get enough sleep, I’m drinking orange juice like an addict, and since we just got a Wii and a Wii Fit for our house (instead of my mom’s), I’m working out every day. So, chaos at work sucks. But I’m okay. And I got a really interesting idea this morning from my hair dryer (that was sitting out, even though I never use it). So at least I know that my Muse hasn’t left me, even if it is a little harder to hear her through the cotton that seems to have invaded my ears.


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