Expectations of Free Food?   1 comment

My husband loves The Office. And as much as I tried not to like it, it grew on me. So we were watching it and Michael made a gigantic stack of french toast. Which, of course, made me hungry for french toast and I said so. My husband decided to cut a deal. There were some chores around the house that needed doing, so if I did them, he’d take me to IHOP for french toast. I did them. We went out.

Obviously, I ordered french toast, but when our food arrived, I was served pancakes. Now, I love pancakes, but when you’re in the mood for french toast, they just don’t cut it. So when the waitress came back around, I pointed out the error. I have never seen a waitress look so horrified about a mistake. She apologized multiple times and took the pancakes away to replace them with french toast. Eventually. By the time my french toast arrived, both my husband and daughter were done eating.

My husband thought, because of the error, that my food might be free on our ticket. When we received the check, there was no discount. He thought it was uncool, but didn’t complain. We paid and left. But it got me thinking. Should my meal have been free? Eventually, I got the right thing. The waitress was very apologetic. And there was nothing really wrong with the pancakes, except that they weren’t what I ordered. So a free meal would really only be compensation for not getting to eat at the same time as my family. And I don’t know if that was a huge issue. The fact that my husband expected my meal to be discounted makes me wonder if we’ve become too accustomed to getting things for less when they’re imperfect. It’s not like there was a bug in my food or anything. The food was delicious (as always. I love IHOP). I imagine that the pancakes would have been delicious too, if I’d have eaten them. So if there was nothing wrong, did I deserve a discount? Was it rude for the waitress to not even offer it? Or was it rude of my husband to assume that it would happen?

As I said, we paid for the meal, and I personally have no issue with paying for it. But it did make me wonder what the “rules” are for when people should get things free or discounted. If I’d made a huge fuss, I’m sure we could have gotten it for free. But I didn’t. I just wanted my french toast.


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  1. I’m not sure on the rules, but:

    Taking until the rest of your family is done eating to get out french toast is too long, and they should have compensated you for that in some form or another in my opinion. At least they should have been upfront about the time and presented you with options in case you didn’t want to wait.

    Where as if they instead took less than 5 minutes to get it out, I wouldn’t be bothered.

    The Office is hilarious. I love when Michael later made paper-shaped pancakes!

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