My JOB is killing my brain.   3 comments

I wish I had the control to just convince people to stop making insurance claims for a week or two. All the 50 files a day that I was opening at the beginning of the month, I’m now closing. And since each file takes about 15 minutes to close (as opposed to 2 minutes to open), my brain is pretty thoroughly fried at the end of the day. And I hate leaving work undone. So that’s bugging me too. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had more reliable help. But my sister has logged up a grand total of two and a half hours in the last two and a half weeks. And I’m never sure if she’s doing things right or, like with the billing issues I found last week, creating more problems for me to fix. And with all this work, I can’t troll around on Twitter, or post in my blog, or even get up the energy to write at all. Though I have characters rattling around in my head getting impatient. With all the foot-tapping and sighing, it’s a wonder I can think at all.

Times like this, I really miss being a housewife. Not that I was particularly good at that job, but at least I had time to write. And at least I got sleep. I seem to start out okay on Mondays, but by Friday I’m so exhausted I barely even make it to the weekly game night before I pass out. Which isn’t frustrating at all to my husband, really. He only has to fight to keep me engaged in the game while I wander off to pass out on my brother’s couch. Or well, I try to pass out. As soon as I lay down, I’m usually swarmed by my daughter and the other little girl that comes to game night. Apparently, a sleepy Deb makes a great jungle gym. Who knew?

I think I need a vacation. I don’t see that happening anytime soon though. We’re too busy for me to go on vacation. But I will get a nice bonus because of how much we’re billing out this month. So maybe that’s a silver lining. I’m turning into a zombie for a little extra cash.

On another note, I think I’m going to completely redo my website this weekend. Assuming nothing comes up (and it usually does). I want to try a different layout so I can have some of the fun sidebar widgets and I figure if I’m revamping things, I might as well revamp the whole damn site. I read a thing somewhere (no brain power to figure it out) about how to create an effective site for a writer. So I’m going to try to take some of that into account when I rearrange. It’s overdue anyway.


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3 responses to “My JOB is killing my brain.

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  1. I know how you feel, and falling asleep near my children does magically turn me into a trampoline.

    I use to sell insurance and found it just about as wonderful as you are finding your claims work. Working in that field, I am almost 99% certain that you’ve already seen the list of funny insurance claims excuses that has been wandering around the Internet for years, but just in case you haven’t, you can read them here: Funny Insurance Excuses.

    That’s my site. After reading your post, I went around and found that and put it in just to cheer you up ; )

    By the way, I love to write, too, and there never seems to be enough time. I quit selling insurance to be a stay-at-home dad and to work from home. I wanted to keep the kids out of daycare while they were small. Now I finally figured out how to earn an okay living from home, so I’ll probably just keep doing it. That way the kids will get to stay home during summer break (my favorite part of life as a kid), and I can pick them up at school instead of them having to go to daycare. But it sure is hard to get my work done and the house work and to give my kids all the attention they deserve.

    Anyway, when I first quit work, I thought, “Now, at last, time to write!”

    It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

    Sorry for the long post (probably with a million spelling errors). Great blog you have. Well-written and very personal.

  2. I have actually seen those before, but it’s been long enough that they were funny again. Though, my favorite is still the excuse that my sister had when she got in an accident. Apparently, there was someone in a pink bunny costume doing the Capt Morgan pose on a bus bench. So of course she rear-ended the person in front of her who was actually stopping at the red light. How could she not?

    And no, it was not Halloween. Not even close.

    And yes, time to write seems very elusive. Though, I will admit, when I first quit working to stay at home, my thought was “Thank God I don’t have to be around those evil jackasses anymore.” But I always require a certain amount of downtime before my brain can create readable writing out of me. So I think it took me a couple months to even be able to think about writing after that job (even worse than insurance). I have a job now in order to pay off some debts so we can move several states away. After the move, I get to go back to staying home. And I’m soooooo looking forward to that. I miss being home with the baby (okay, she’s almost 2, not really a baby).

  3. “Thank God I don’t have to be around those evil jackasses anymore.”

    That made my day ; ) That’s another feeling I know very well. I tried not to burn bridges when I left, but it was hard not to have a grand exit. I don’t think I ever felt quite as liberated as I did that day on the way home. If my memory serves me, I may have even indulged in a little maniacal laughing punctuated with screams of whatever the reverse of the existential scream would be.

    My kids are 6 and 4. They are both wild animals in clothing, when I can get them to keep their clothes on. My four-year-old son has discovered the joy of peeing on trees…

    Hope everything goes well and you can make your move. We live in Tennessee, but if I could convince the wife, I’d be somewhere with sand and palm trees.

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