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First, I am officially too old to stay out late on a work night. I was so dead all day today and I had a lot of trouble focusing on pretty much anything. Moving on.

My husband and I had planned on a date night. We were going to get his mom to babysit (she rarely rarely says no), go out to dinner and then go to see a movie. We’d seen the previews for  The Hangover a few times and he’d mentioned he wanted to go. So when I saw a contest on Twitter that was run by the local news station, I jumped at the chance to win tickets to go see it. And I won. But the tickets were for a midnight showing. So that created somewhat of a dilemma. Basically, nothing happens in Topeka between 9pm and midnight. So what were we going to do between our dinner and the midnight movie? The answer: see another movie. So, we ended up seeing Terminator: Salvation, then walking down the hall to see The Hangover.

For the most part, we liked Terminator. It definitely made me forget that the crappy third movie ever happened. It was completely unnecessary, really. I felt like Salvation was more in keeping with the theme and feel of the first two movies. So it would have been a better third movie than the actual third movie was. My husband was particularly bothered by how white everyone’s teeth were. These people were rebels living in hidey holes and scavenging for everything they had. When the hell were they getting their teeth whitened? Other than that, there was a scene with a helicopter flying away from a nuclear explosion, which was unrealistic enough to make me furrow my brow, wondering why the EMP blast didn’t send them hurtling toward the ground. But really, by that point, I’d enjoyed the rest of the movie enough that I let it slide. I do that when I’m enjoying something. I figure everyone might put in that one totally unrealistic thing so that things come out all right for the good guys.

Moving on to The Hangover. Do not let your kids see it. When they say it’s Rated R, they mean it. And let me just say, the previews are edited. Other than that, it was hilarious. Going into it, I was trying not to get my hopes up. There’s Something About Mary and Very Bad Things both looked funny in previews but made me sick to watch. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie had more in common with Dude, Where’s My Car and The 40 Year Old Virgin than Very Bad Things. Though, I am somewhat confused by the recent penis trend. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been waiting for guys to get exposure in movies for a long time. I always thought it was unfair that women’s breasts were a common occurence in a Rated R movie, but God forbid a guy ever show his parts. I just find it interesting that in the last year or so, I’ve seen an growning number of penises (penii?) in movies. It started with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, then Watchmen, and now this. Though, I will say that the penis shots in this movie were less blatant, and less “I’m sticking a penis here for shock value.” So it wasn’t a big deal, but worth mentioning for the people that are totally grossed out by the penis-in-movie trend. Other than that, I thought it was totally a guy movie. As in, it was totally what I think could possibly happen if my husband went to Vegas with my brothers and their friend. I rarely stopped laughing. And considering it was my second movie of the evening and didn’t even start until after my bedtime (when I get cranky), that’s pretty good.

Moving on from the movie topics, for anyone who was interested in my Wii Fit stuff. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and weighed a full 20 lbs less on their scale. So I may actually get back on my Wii Fit this week. I’m wondering if I need to set it on the board and maybe my carpet is messing up the measurements. I’ll try it and see. Plus, I’m getting ready to start medication, so hopefully that will help and I’ll actually lose some weight. I’d like to lose my Mommy Gut.


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