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So, I had a partial post written about a couple other books I’ve read lately. But, silly me, I tried to write it on a Friday. Which is the night that I usually spend half-asleep on my brother’s couch while everyone else plays Star Wars. So of course I passed out in the middle of writing it. And then I read this book.

If you haven’t read the excerpt on her site, go read it. It’s awesome and you will immediately need to go buy the book. And the rest of the book does not disappoint. I always worry that things won’t grip me the way an excerpt does. Since an excerpt is basically designed to make you want to read the book. But the whole book is really really good. I believe I’ve mentioned my lack of recent reading and writing time. But I finished this puppy in a day. Granted, it’s YA, so it’s shorter than the typical Sci-fi novel that I would read. But it still just read so fast that it could have been twice as long and I still would have finished it in a day.

My only issue (and it’s not even really an issue) is that I am one of those people that likes a mushy, happy ending. But I try not to let my weird romantic streak interfere with my enjoyment of a book that doesn’t make me go “awww” at the end (or, in the case of a sci-fi with a lot of action, there might be arm pumping and cheering). One of my favorite anime series was Now and Then, Here and There. It was a great series, very complex, but the farther along it went, the more I realized that there wasn’t likely to be a happy ending. And since I couldn’t really imagine a happy ending, it made it less disappointing when it didn’t have one. I definitely understand that sometimes, the only way to stay true to a character is to not tie everything up in a little bow.


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  1. Perhaps you would enjoy my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting tale is a romantic action adventure in space and is more about the characters than the technology.

  2. Great post!

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