My Sister’s Keeper and What Doesn’t Kill You   2 comments

Apparently, I’m all about endings lately. Though I read My Sister’s Keeper before I read Cracked Up To Be, so maybe this one started it. The fact is, I really loved this book. It made me cry on multiple occasions (though, I’ll admit that my daughter is almost two, so reading about a two year old being diagnosed with cancer probably hit me harder than the average person). But toward the end of the book, I knew that there was unlikely to be an ending that was satisfying to everyone. I will say that my husband almost guessed the ending and he didn’t read it at all. When I told him the real ending, his response was that it was lame. My friend said it was a cop-out. I’m undecided. I sort of saw it coming because the closer it got to the end, the more it felt like things were painted into a corner. Though, honestly, I thought the roles of the sisters would be reversed at the end. It makes me wonder if the movie will end the same way.

Continuing to move backwards in my reading, we get to What Doesn’t Kill You.  This book was not my usual reading fare, but I really enjoyed it. I probably wouldn’t have read the book if I hadn’t won it from LitChat. But after reading it, I’m really glad to add it to my small but growing collection of signed books. I think it’s a really timely book. It really deals with the multiple blows that can come after a job loss in a slow economy. I know that my mom-friend has been looking for a job recently after graduating from technical school. And I know she’s been having just as much trouble as Tee does in this book. Looking for a job can be a really tiring activity, especially when you’re being turned down. It’s hard not to take it personally. But in the end, I think this book has a really great message about tackling your problems head-on and figuring out what will make you happy at the end of the day. I’m definitely planning a venture through the African-American literature section the next time I’m in a bookstore and actually make it out of the childrens section (hazard of having a 22-month old that loves books as much as me).


2 responses to “My Sister’s Keeper and What Doesn’t Kill You

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  1. Things have a way of balancing out… just sometimes, the way it balances out doesn’t seem fair. That’s how I interpreted My Sister’s Keeper, at least. What would the alternate ending be? I can’t think of one, to be honest…

  2. *Total Spoiler for anyone that hasn’t read it*

    I knew that basically the book had established how completely confused everyone was on the issue, so something had to happen to push things in one direction or the other. So I was fine with the accident. But I actually really thought that she would end up sick and something of her sister’s that still worked would be needed to save her life. But I’m not sure anything of her sister’s would have been in good enough condition to be transplanted. So maybe my ending doesn’t work anyway. I personally liked the ending, but I can also see how it was a cop-out. No one really had to make the choice. It was made for them.

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