The Best Post Office Visit Ever   2 comments

I met another writer in the post office this morning. Which was awesome to me. I talk to writers all the time. LitChat, Kansas Writers Inc, NaNoWriMo, every night when I write with my collaborator and best friend. All the time. But somehow, meeting another writer at the post office is different. Because it’s not a place that hangs a sign and says, “Writers Here.” So meeting a writer there becomes special. I feel like the five minutes standing in line wasn’t long enough. I mentioned NaNoWriMo, but not KWI, which is probably more important. But we’re both at that terrible and soul-sucking place where you’re writing queries and sending them out. So we talked about that for a bit. And then I scrounged through my purse for a scrap of paper so I could give him my website. Which, now that I think about it, I have business cards in my purse and that would have been way cooler. But I’m not used to having them yet. Even though they’re the most awesome business cards ever.

On another note, 4th of July was awesome. Elisebeth actually laughed and clapped at some of the fireworks. She was a little freaked out at first, until she realized things were supposed to be exploding. Then she was fine with it. So that was a major improvement on last year where I spent the whole day in the house while they shot off fireworks outside.

Also, my brother got married this last week, which is very very weird. This is the brother that informed me a while back (I think maybe it was about a year ago now) that he thought I was wrong for getting married because marriage is wrong and I should have just had kids with Allen without all the marriage stuff. I obviously disagreed with his ideals. But the crazy thing is that he got back in touch with a girl he dated in middle school (or early high school, our ages are so close, I get confused about when he was in high school and when he wasn’t). They talked on the phone for a few weeks and then he drove to Texas to visit her. And when he came back, he announced that they were getting married. And they did, a week later.

The whole thing is very very weird. He is not the type to really do much of anything spur of the moment. And to get married? I was thinking Body Snatchers at first. But really, he’s always had the sort of connection with her where they could pick up after a few years apart and talk like they’d never been separated. So maybe she’s the perfect person for him. Maybe this thing will last 50 years like my grandparents have. Who knows?


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  1. You would be surprised who you meet in the post office! Not only are there writers at the PO, but also people who handle internet book orders for independent publishers and filmmakers. They are the folks mailing out the orders that don’t get sent out with the UPS man.
    More formally called “order fulfillment for independent publishers.”
    Yep, they exist! Just google those words!

  2. I’m at the post office every morning to empty out the post office box for work. But usually when I actually have something to pick up or mail out, it ends up being me in line with a handful of people that seem as if they’ve never set foot in a post office before. This morning the line was super super long. Other than the writer guy, one of my husband’s cousins was also in line. Though I forgot to say hi to him. He was on the phone, and then I was talking to the writer.

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