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Today, I would like to sing the praises of technology. For the things it allows me to do and the ways it makes my life easier.

1. My EeePC. I love this thing. It’s small enough that I don’t need a super-jumbo lap desk to hold it. And it makes it so that I can please my husband by going to his softball games, while also (with the toddler’s cooperation) getting some writing done. It makes it so that I can go to a coffee shop when I need a break after work and I can either write on whatever I’m working on, or I can slack off and surf the web. It doesn’t have any distracting things like uber-graphics or a CD-Rom drive (thus preventing my Sims addiction from interfering during writing/surfing time), and I’m happy with that.

2. My Blackberry. Not only is it a phone, which is very handy, but it does other stuff too. I have all of my calendar stuff on there (except the stuff I lost when it was recently swapped out for a new one), my address has all of my friends and family in it. I have the Facebook app there for keeping up with everyone and their latest news. I get twitter there, for the latest in that. I also have Pandora and Poynt, which are nice. And this sweet little app that I downloaded very recently and loved within moments. It’s called GoodFoodNearYou. You put in your zip code and it’ll tell you what restaurants are near you and what the best stuff to eat there is. You can get the complete nutrition information, along with a longer list if you don’t like that first thing (for KFC it was baked beans; not quite an entree). I ate a grilled chicken go wrap from Wendy’s the first day I had the app. I didn’t even know the thing existed until I got this app. But even without the sauce (as the app recommends), it was delicious and filled me up. And I felt better that even though I’d gone out to get lunch, I’d eaten something healthy.

3. My husband’s GPS. Now, granted, this piece of technology isn’t actually mine. And it isn’t all multi-functional like the others. And occasionally, it thinks there’s a SuperTarget in the middle of a field in the middle of a residential area. But, I love this thing. We first tried it out on our trip to Omaha, and it sent us there using a different route than we expected. But we tried the expected route on the way back and found that the way it sent us was a half hour to an hour faster. Awesome. Since then, we’ve used it for multiple trips to KC. And I just want to say, I do not mind being kicked out of the Navigator position. I am much more relaxed on road trips, it takes less time to figure out where we’re going and how we’re going to get there, and I really just like the voice that tells us the directions.  And at this point, it’s gotten us to more places than it hasn’t. Though it wasn’t much help during the Great Free Wifi Search of July 17th. Though it did get us to the hotel once we were able to get an internet connection and compare prices at Travelocity and Priceline.

I’m sure I’m forgetting pieces of technology. Like our toaster oven (that I really do love). Or the awesome printer that I’ve had for about a month at the office (sucks down ink like a lush, but man is it cool). Or my Zune (or even just MP3 players in general). But I think I’ve managed to hit the best pieces that I’m crazy about right now.


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