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So, since November is nearing at a rapid pace (or at least, it feels like it to me), I hopped on over to the NaNo site to see what was up. I’ve popped in there about once a month or so since last December and usually, there’s not much different, but sometimes there’s new stuff on the home page. So this particular time, there’s an interview with someone who wrote 50,000 during NaNo, and then decided not to stop. So she’s written several novels since then.

Now, this is amazing to me for several reasons. 1) I’ve been so busy at work (which is where I wrote the bulk of my NaNovel last year, that I barely get to write anything in a week, much less the volume she’s putting out. 2) I would love to have the discipline to work like NaNo all year round. And 3) my husband complains all NaNo long about how much time I’m spending writing and going to write-ins and talking about writing and blah, blah, blah. He would flip out if I wrote like that every month. So I’m mucho jealous.

But the real point, is that I’ve been a slacker. Not so much about the writing (though I haven’t done much of that either. But in editing. I have a great NaNovel from 2007 and it needs beaucoup editing and I’ve just been putting it off. But  I was reading about the navy wife and then that led to the site of her writing partner. Who basically does for her what my writing buddy was supposed to do for me this year, but hasn’t. She kicks her in the ass when she’s not writing. So anyway, something that her partner said on her blog, sort of hit me and it’s so simple, but sometimes that’s what it takes. She was talking specifically about editing and the part that got me was “The only way out is through.”

Now, in my head, it has made total sense to not work on editing the stupid thing. Parts that are missing from the current NaNo draft were actually written in a previous attempt and were pretty good. So I’ve been trying to retrieve data from an old hard drive so I can get that previous attempt. But the thing is, in the meantime, I have this perfectly good version sitting there ready to be edited and I’m just not doing it. And somehow, reading that just hit the little part of my brain that’s been holding off on this and, I don’t know. Reset it maybe. All I know is that I’m thinking about that old story now. And I’m trying to figure out if I’d rather stay up later or get up earlier to work on it. Because I need to work on something. So why not that?


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