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I won free tickets to go see Funny People, and since I don’t have a job currently, this will probably be the last movie we see in the theater for a while. It was a good movie, though I think my hubby would have preferred GI Joe to be our last in-theater movie, since I know he really wants to see it. I really want to see District 9, so I suppose we’re even in the “Want but can’t have” column.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed Funny People, though the commercials are misleading. We noticed at least two parts that were in the previews and not in the actual movie. So that’s not really a good sign that they had to include deleted scenes in the previews in order to make them funny. Not that the movie was never funny. There were definitely funny parts. But overall, it was sort of a sad movie.

About a half hour in, an older couple that was sitting in front of us, got up and left. I don’t know exactly why, but if I had to guess, I’d go for the language. Though I was prepared for it. I mean, we’re talking about the same people that did The 40-Year Old Virgin and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Both movies that I enjoyed, but found the frequency of the f-word to be a little much. Then again, that’s about how my brother talks. So it’s not like the movies are unrealistic with the language. On the bright side, no penis in this one, which I was actually pleased with. There were a few times when we thought maybe it was coming, since that seems to be movie makers’ favorite thing right now. But nope. And only one set of breasts, from the side. So all in all, much less raunchy than most comedies like that have been lately.

Even though it’s called Funny People, it’s definitely not a gutbuster. I almost cried. Twice. So the previews are definitely misleading. But it’s still a really good movie. So I think people should go see it. Misleading or not.

Though, that’s the second or third movie in the last year that has had really misleading previews. So what’s up with that?


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share this. A good read is pretty hard to find in a blog these days. I really enjoyed this.

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