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So, for anyone that doesn’t already know (and I don’t exactly hide it), I plan to homeschool my children. This was something I decided even before I planned to have children, based on my public school experiences. Since I moved around a lot, I went from school to school, and while I think I turned out okay, I don’t think I got the education that I could have if I’d been in a more stable environment that was more focused on my own individual needs. Which really, can only happen in a very small school (so, in the middle of nowhere, or at home).

Now, I love books and paper and pens and glue and paint and telescopes and making a mess, so basically, I can’t wait to homeschool my daughter, even though she’s only two. But the other day, I realized that even though we haven’t started anything “official,” we really do homeschool her already. I mean, we taught her how to walk, how to talk. We taught her the parts of her body. We taught her what a kitty is and what a dog is. And the other night, we were showing her the moon and stars. And while I’m sure just about every parent thinks their kid is smart, I have to say that my daughter’s pretty intelligent. And it’s adorable when she says moon.

I won’t pretend like there aren’t moments when I get a little nervous about the home-schooling thing. Most other moms get to look forward to the school years as a return to quiet time. And homeschooling is basically the opposite of that. But I really enjoy spending time with my daughter and I love spending all day with her now that I’m not working. So I think it’ll work out just fine. And just imagine all the science experiments that we can explode all over the kitchen. It’s gonna be great.


Posted August 17, 2009 by Maidenfine in Baby Stuff, Randomness

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