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My daughter’s birthday was Saturday, and on Thursday, our parent educator visited and did her 2-year evaluation to make sure she was on track with everything. She did really well, and it helped a lot to see all the skills that she’s learned in the last year. It also got me thinking about the things that I’ve learned in the last year. And since my birthday is coming up in two weeks, I figure it’s as good a time as any to sit down and think about it.

In the last year, I’ve learned:
I’m really, really not a morning person, without a doubt. When I had a job, it just felt like I got gradually more and more tired over the course of the week and then slept half the weekend away.
I couldn’t stop writing if I tried. I might have trouble fitting in regular writing time (especially when life gets hectic), but I can’t stop. I’m physically incapable of it. I start to get a little tortured in the head.
Query writing is really really hard. I’d always read that it was hard, and I understood that it would be difficult. But knowing about a thing and then learning from actually doing it, are two different things. And the difficulty has definitely not been exaggerated. Though, I hope I’m getting better.
Rejection isn’t so bad. I still want to print out and frame my first rejection from an agent. To me, it’s an accomplishment. And it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I’d expected to keep positive and look forward to the next agent, instead of focusing on being rejected.
I am not a very patient person with my husband. I haven’t blogged about it, but I’ve been doing the Love Dare and I was very surprised to find out how impatient I am with him. I’m much more patient with everyone else around me. So I’ve been working on that.
It is not easy to lose weight. I’ve never really worried about my weight so much, because when I was younger, it was really easy to lose weight. But I’m not a teenager anymore, and even with the medication for my PCOS, losing weight has been very very slow and has taken a lot of work. But my health is important so I need to keep at it.
Taking time for myself doesn’t make me a worse mother. If anything, feeling better about myself has made me a better mother. When I’m less stressed out, I’m better with her and I’m more fun. Neglecting myself didn’t make me a good mother. It just made me miserable.

I think that’s a fairly good list, though I’m sure I’ve learned other things. It’s been a really good year for me, looking back. Lots of times when I was going crazy and was stressed out and miserable, but it’s all turned out well and I’ve learned from all of it. So I think a little misery is definitely worth it.


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