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A few things happened in the last week.

1. My birthday, and the beginnings of my birthday makeover. I figure the best gift I can give myself for my birthday, is a brand new me. So I got my hair cut, got highlights, had a Mary Kay party to play with new looks, and I’m still working (of course) on losing the weight that I need to lose.

2. My Fitness Coach does a fitness challenge every two weeks that re-measures everything, so I learned that I’d lost 2 inches in my waist, I finally dropped below the dreaded 200 mark (though I then went back up to 200, though I haven’t gone above it to 201, so I’m still happy), I could do 5 more crunches and a half-minute more jumping jacks. It was generally pleasing.

But since I figure I’m probably going to be talking about my weight loss experiences almost as much as my writing, I was due for a slight change in the way I do things. On Mondays, I’ll continue talking about writing and the hell that is working on my query and my synopsis, and all that fun. The weight loss stuff, I’ll save for Wednesdays (mostly because I like the way Weight Loss Wednesdays sounds), and the movies and family stuff, I’ll put on Fridays (Fun & Family Fridays). I probably won’t post on all three days every week. But if I’m posting about non-writing stuff, it’ll go on the appropriate day. So I’ll probably be posting twice a week every week. I’ll definitely still be posting every Monday at 9am (CST).


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