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As a Municipal Liaison, I’ve been thinking about NaNoWriMo since July or August. And one thing that I started to do last year and that I’m actually going to have enough planning to get done this year, is my 30 Days of PreWriting. Last year, in October, I shared links with my local WriMos to help them prepare for November. This year, so that I can get a lot of it prepared and scheduled ahead of time, I’m going to post it to my blog here. I know there are 31 days in October. But really, if you need that last day, you’re probably not going to be ready for November. So 30 days works.

I already have links and information for 10 or so days. But I will definitely need more. So for all of you out there that peek in here, let me know how you prepare to write a novel. What’s your favorite site that helps with outlining, world-building, character sketching, and researching.?

When I’m done, I’ll probably put up a page on my website with all the links, so even people who don’t read my blog can find the information. October is going to be a great month (especially once I decide which novel idea I’m going with for November).


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