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I’ve been spending a lot of time editing lately. It’s getting easier. The more I do it, the more I get into it and the better it feels. It’s good to take things that I’ve been working on for a while, that are maybe in multiple files, and combine them all into one big file. And then to go back through and fix all the easy stuff. It gets my confidence up for when I have to go back and do the hard stuff. Finishing scenes, adding scenes, deciding which scenes to subtract. All the stuff that regularly gives writers migraines.

But I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve accidentally stayed up until five am a couple times because I just didn’t want to stop what I was working on. Which will come in handy during November.

Speaking of November, next week, I’m going to talk NaNoWriMo goals. I’m also working hard on getting 30 days of Prewriting ready to go. There’s still time to give me your favorite links. Especially links for nitty gritty stuff like character questionairres.

I’ve also been looking since last November for a link that I lost somewhere along the line of lost, broken, reformatted computers. It was an outline form that was designed to help you plot out a novel in 20 chapters. Either that one, or a different one had word counts made out for making a 20 chapter, 50,000 word novel. So it’s perfect for NaNo prep. Except that I didn’t make use of it myself and therefore I can’t find it now. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, I will love you forever if you can get me the link to it.


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