30 Days of PreWriting, Day 2   1 comment

Today’s Link: http://www.jpb.com/creative/brainstorming.php

Brainstorming is generally the very beginnings of a novel for me. Sometimes I do it without even realizing it. Brainstorming is the part where I decide what kind of novel I want to write, or I start to figure out something slightly less generic. For instance, this year, I plan to write a superhero novel. I had a really awesome dream that gave me some good stuff to start with. But, generally, dreams need quite a bit of tweaking before they’ll actually make decent novels. Since dreams aren’t concerned about plot holes or complete impossibilities like the main character suddenly turning into Christopher Walken and then changing gender to become Angelina Jolie or something.

Based on the dream, I’m going to be writing a bit of a conspiracy theory novel. Since I think Nine Inch Nails (especially the last couple albums) makes for great conspiracy mood music, I’m going to brainstorm my plot stuff while listening to them. That way, the things I come up with for my novel will go great with my mood music. Which should make it easier and faster to write during November. Just to start with, I’ll probably brainstorm superpowers and things that groups of people would kill/kidnap in order to hide.


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  1. This is truly uncanny…my Nanowrimo novel this year is also going to be a superhero story that originated from a dream.


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