30 Days of Prewriting, Day 4   Leave a comment

Today’s Link: http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/GRAMMAR/composition/brainstorm_freewrite.htm

One of the books that greatly influenced me as a writer was Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande. In it, she talks about writers block and training your mind to combat it. One of her techniques involves free writing. In it, you make a decision to write at a certain time. When that time comes, you drop everything and write for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, whichever you decided on. It doesn’t matter if you have nothing to write about, and when I did the activity when first reading the book, I spent a lot of time writing about how boring it was to fold towels at my job. Then, you choose a time for the next day, preferably a different time, and do it again. The goal is to train your mind to be ready for creativity at any time. Once your mind has been trained, writers block is a lot less likely. Unfortunately, it isn’t the sort of thing that lasts forever. It’s been about 10 years since I last did it and I’m due for it again. But once you train your mind, it gets a lot easier to sit down and do the writing. And I’ve found that sometimes, freewriting can get out all the daily muck (kinda like a journal) so that I can concentrate on what I’m writing. Today’s link has some great information about freewriting, and even has a link to a blank text box for doing some freewriting. Looping just takes freewriting one step further. You read what you just wrote and see if there’s anything that inspires you. Then you do another freewrite to see what you get. And you can do that as many times as you need to reach your goal destination.


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