30 Days of PreWriting, Day 13   Leave a comment

Today’s Link: http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/2005/01/ten-things-to-help-with-novel-plotting.html

And, in order to catch us back up to where we wanted to be today, a two-fer!

This is another of those links to multiple links. Each of these links goes to a different “system” for plotting. So if the mindmapping isn’t going your way, try out the snowflake process. Or look at the Plot Outline Diagram. The snowflake process is really great, though I do a lot of it subconsciously, so I don’t have the patience to actually do it all out on paper. But if you can focus on it, it’s a really great system for coming up with something that’s complex enough to fully keep your attention for a month while you’re writing it in November.


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