30 Days of PreWriting, Day 15   3 comments

Today’s Link: http://www.write-your-short-story.com/short-story-writing-prompts.html

Wow. Despite the fact that I was working on my website and blog last night, I didn’t realize I hadn’t set up today’s post yet. I’d like to blame painkillers, but I didn’t take any during the day yesterday. So I have no excuse other than forgetfulness.

Anyhow, today’s link might seem like a departure, but I figure we’re halfway through the month. Either you’ve been following along and doing all the prewriting and you almost have an outline. Or, you’re still back at the beginning trying to figure out your basic idea. Either way, this link could be good for you. It’s full of writing prompts for short stories, and you can use it for prewriting in two ways.

1. You’ve got your outline figured out, but you don’t want to lose your momentum. You’ve been working on your novel every day, but now that you’re ready, you can’t do anything until November. Well, now’s the time to practice writing 1667 words every day. Pick a prompt and write until you hit the magic number. The writing may have nothing to do with your novel, but you’ll be preparing your brain for the creativity that you will require of it next month.

2. You still don’t know what you’re writing about. So pick a prompt and get writing. Did you know that Ender’s Game was originally a short story? Now there are multiple books in the series. You never know when something that starts as a short story will have the spark to get your brain going into novel-land. So, when all else fails, just write something.


3 responses to “30 Days of PreWriting, Day 15

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  1. Thanks, but I get a “Forbidden” message and can’t enter this site.

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