30 Days of PreWriting, Day 16   2 comments

Today’s Link: http://www.3m.com/us/office/postit/digital/?WT.ac=TopNav-Products-DigitalProducts

I think it was last year’s NaNoWriMo, but I’m not sure. I ended up in a thread that was either talking about organization, or was talking about writing spaces. Either way, there was a picture of an author’s writing space. It was a desk (normal) sitting in front of a wall (normal) that was absolutely COVERED in Post-it notes. Her method of organization was Post-its. The hero has blue eyes? Post-it. His cat’s name is Kibbles? Post-it. He went to KU? Post-it. By the end of November, she had a wall full of notes. Which maybe works great for November. But I can’t even imagine the headache of trying to translate that into anything organized for further drafts. Though, maybe she doesn’t revise her NaNovels. In which case it works perfectly fine. But for those people that want to do something with their novel after November, now is the time to think about long-term organization.

I hate linking to something that costs money, but there is at least a 30 day free trial. If you download it now, or even during the last week of October, you’ll have it through at least most of November. And, if you like it and it works for you, then it would be your decision to keep it or not after that. I liked the program, but I found that I could do all the same stuff in Excel, Word, Google Notebook. But, if Post-its are how your mind works, why not put them on the computer? They never lose their sticky or get misplaced. And you can do a lot of organization within the program so that you could actually have multiple memoboards full of Post-its for different novels. Or even one memoboard per character. Though each memoboard can have multiple sheets, so I would think it would be handy to have one memoboard per novel, with a sheet per character, full of notes about what’s been said about them. But different minds work different ways. Look at the stuff. Decide if you like it. Then, tomorrow, we’ll talk about using Excel.


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  1. You can also use Google Notebook, which is 100% free.

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