30 Days of PreWriting, Day 18   Leave a comment

Today’s Link: http://www.angelfire.com/wi/writingprocess/prewriting.html

Today’s link might seem like we’re going backwards, but I realized that while I talked about this at the Worldbuilding presentation, I don’t think I got around to posting anything about it here. At this point, you may have an idea, maybe even an outline. But there will be a time during November when you will feel like that’s not enough. You’ll sit at the keyboard one day and think “What the hell do I write next?” And here’s what you’ll do.

1.Look at your outline. Really, it might be as easy as that. You look and remember “Oh yeah, Bob’s gall bladder tries to burst out of him like an alien today.” Crisis abated.
2.Look at your notes. There may be ideas in there that didn’t make it into your outline. Maybe you could write a scene between Evil McEvilpants and his elderly mother. It doesn’t even have to be something that would end up in a final draft. You just want to get those fingers going.
3.Come up with something. Here’s where it’s a good idea to be prepared. Take a look at the list of places to find inspiration. Pick a few of those things and have them on-hand for days when inspiration is slower to wake up than you are.
4.Use any tools that your wonderfully awesome ML has given you. In our region, we give out plot ninjas, charts with ideas, and little games to help you come up with things to get you out of a problem.
5.If all else fails, kill someone. It won’t work in every novel, but it’ll work in most. You don’t have to kill off your main characters. But even in our example novel, I’m sure you could come up with a few possible paths if say, Evil McEvilpants’ mother were to die. Or, what if Joe’s rich uncle died and left him cash. He suddenly wouldn’t be as interested in making sure The Big Thing succeeded, since he’d now have the funding he needed for his invention. Death always gets things going. But definitely try to find other ways first. Unless you’re writing horror. In that case, kill away.


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