30 Days of PreWriting, Day 23   Leave a comment

Today’s Link: http://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/1474311

It might seem like it’s too late to start doing pre-NaNo activities at different sites. But I don’t think so. Maybe I’m optimistic. Maybe I just don’t think it’s ever too late to get started on prewriting stuff. So this site’s challenge month sounds fun to me, even this late in the month. Granted, I plan to finish these blog posts before I start on the challenges.

I officially finished my outline. I decided to go Google docs this year. I opened up a spreadsheet for my outline and notes. Since my novel will jump around in time, I had a little trouble deciding how I wanted to format my outline. But I eventually decided that I would have the years across the top and I would create an outline that would be placed in columns based on when the scene takes place. I ended up with something a little like this:


I’m hoping this will work. Though, if previous years are indication, I will probably decide not to write some scenes and I’ll add others. But the beauty of an outline is that I always have somewhere to go if I get stuck.


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