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I’ve been working on revisions of my 2007 NaNovel in anticipation of this years Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Last year, I didn’t know about it until a week before the submission period, so my entry was incredibly rushed. This year, I’ll still be a little rushed, but only because they’re holding the competition earlier in the year than I expected. They just announced last week that the submission period will begin January 25th. So I have a little more than a month to get my revisions done and prepare my pitch. Luckily, the way I’m starting on my revisions should make a pitch and synopsis much easier to write. So I’ll work hard on my revisions, then finish up my pitch. Then, after submitting to the competition, I’ll write my synopsis and query, so that if I don’t win I’ll be ready to start submitting it as soon as I’m knocked out of the competition.

As part of my revision process (and an attempt at continuing my Christmas cheer), I’ve been doing some major cleaning. We have a spare room that’s basically been a holding space for. . . whatever. We kept trying to plan a move to Arizona, so there were a ton of empty boxes. Plus, whenever we moved our cluttered desks from one spot to another, we had a bad habit of just sticking all the clutter in a box and tossing it in the spare room. Which is a really bad habit that I hope to break.

Since I decided that I need a spot where I can go to write without being interrupted, I wanted to turn the spare room into an office. Which meant going through a LOT of boxes, setting up some shelves, and managing to stick a desk in there right next to the exercise bike (that my husband may move out into the living room so he can exercise while he watches TV. I still think it looks messy in there, but I made room for my desk, so it counts as an office. And, since a lot of the stuff that didn’t get thrown away when I was going through everything, is baby stuff, I know that all of that clutter will start to disappear after we have our second kid. But we’ve always planned on having two, so it seemed silly to get rid of any baby stuff that we might be able to use with the second kid. So after kid number two (est. to be born 2011), all of the baby clothes and the bassinet and the swing and all of that stuff, can be sold/given/thrown away. Which will make the room even cleaner.  And I can tolerate pretty much anything, if I know it’s temporary.

The next step, after cleaning up that room, is finishing with my daughter’s room. We’re moving her toys out of the living room and into her bedroom so that we have room for the Christmas tree. And since her room has been the home for a big filing cabinet that we weren’t actually using, there’s plenty of room in there for toys after my mom adopts the filing cabinet.

So it’s a lot of house cleaning and rearranging, just to make it so that I have my own space for writing and editing. But as soon as I’m done rearranging my house for my writing, it will make rearranging my time for my writing a whole lot easier. Not to mention, I’ll feel a really great sense of accomplishment when my house looks a little closer to what I want it to look like. And feeling good about my house and myself makes a huge difference in my writing.


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