Weight Loss Wednesday: New Year, New Goals   Leave a comment

My goal for last year was to lose 50 pounds. That averaged out into a monthly/weekly amount that was still considered safe by the Surgeon General, and since I was about 70 pounds from my ideal weight, it seemed like a good goal.

I lost 20 pounds.

It sounds decent, when it’s all added up like that. I lost 20 pounds. Lots of people would love to lose 20 pounds. But when your goal is 50 and you lose it like a yo-yo, up and down and up and down, slowly gaining progress one pound at a time, it gets disheartening. So this year, I’m trying a few things that are new.

1. I’m going to tell everyone how much I weigh. I know. It’s scandalous. A woman talking about her real weight. But maybe if other people are watching my scale too, and they’re seeing the weekly number instead of a daily number, there will be people who can offer encouragement. Or admonishment. Hopefully, there won’t be another week this year where someone dies and I gain 10 pounds (it was totally caused by the soda-fest that is my grandparent’s house).

Current Weight: 198

Goal Weight: 165

2. The Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus recommends at least checking in and doing a balance test every day. I want to try to do that. If I can get into the habit of making time every morning when I get up, maybe it won’t be so easy for me to just stop working out whenever I get sick or depressed or lazy. I generally prefer working out at night, but it’s too easy for things to get busy and working out to be forgotten. I’m going to get an account at Joe’s Goals so that I can track my working out.

As far as a workout program, I like the workouts from My Fitness Coach, but it’s not compatible with the Wii Fit board, and the girl I borrowed it from asked for it back. The Wii Fit Plus, is a huge leap forward from the Wii Fit, though there are still issues that I have with it. I’ve learned to weigh myself at the end of a workout. It makes the passive aggressive weight comments quite a bit easier to take. I’d still like to try EActive stuff, but we had to get rid of Gamefly, so it’s not likely to happen very soon.

3. Baby-ish steps. One of the articles I read recently about resolutions was talking about breaking them down into 12 smaller tasks and focusing on one for each month of the year. So, for January, I’m focusing on drinking water. And that means NOT drinking soda except for on Fridays, which are our D&D game nights.  I’m going to put a row on Joe’s Goals for the water stuff too.

We’ll see how this Weight Loss Wednesday thing goes.

EDIT: I discovered last night that our Wii Fit Plus has a nice huge rub mark on it. So it won’t play. So, it looks like I can do my body tests with the Wii Fit Plus channel, but I’m stuck with original Wii Fit workouts or something else. We do have an exercise bike in the living room and I have hand weights, so I could use those. It’s all still just a matter of making time.


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