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So, after one week of making the whole weight loss thing totally just about as public as it can be, I’ve discovered two things.

1. Water makes a lot of difference.

2. I like doing things for points.

Keeping track of my goals with Joe’s Goals seems to be working wonderfully. I still don’t always fit things in, but there’s just something about knowing I’ll get 2 points for every 32 oz of water that makes me want to do it. And while I started out chugging that 32 oz at bedtime, I’m starting to get to thte point where I’m drinking 64 oz without any chugging. So that’s pretty impressive. And I like having a way of actually keeping track so I objectively know how I’m doing.

Also, I’m amazed by the difference that just drinking water has made. Yes, I worked out a couple times during the week, but not significantly. So basically, all my weight changes were water related. At first I went up (since my body wasn’t used to all that water, so I think it was trying to hoard it), and I even hit the dreaded 200 again. But that didn’t last very long. The next time I weighed myself, I’d lost 5 lbs. So apparently, my body caught on to the whole water thing and stopped hoarding it all.  Because I hadn’t really exercised between the two weighings. Hopefully, that 5 lbs isn’t all that water will do for me.

And another positive note, this puts me almost back to where I was before my uncle died and I gained almost 10 lbs. I’m looking forward to being back there.

Current Weight: 195


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