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So, I gained back a pound and a half or so. Which kinda sucks, except that it’s my own fault for not exercising lately. And then there’s the Girl Scout Cookies. And the brownies my husband made. Which, really, is why my February goal is to continue with the water thing, and to cut out sweets. I already have Friday built in as a diet-free day. So I’ll just continue that. Something about roleplaying games just seems to equal junk food and soda. But I’ve found that giving myself that one day, means that I do less of the junk food and soda anyway. I basically decide during the week what kind of junk food I want to have, then that’s what I get and usually it only takes a little bit to take care of the craving I was having and then it’s done. And I’ve been drinking diet soda instead of regular, so even the weekly soda intake is a little better. So it’s not like I gorge myself on that one day. I just don’t eat as well. But knowing that I have that day for eating crap, makes it easier to resist the crap during the rest of the week.

Now, about the exercising. I know I need to take care of that. And originally, it was going to be my February focus. But I really need to take care of the sweets thing, so it got pushed back. However, I went to Vintage Stock and the guy there was able to send our Wii Fit Plus disc through their buffer machine thing to get the rub mark off of it. And having a working Wii Fit Plus disc is a good thing. Plus, my mom let me borrow these Dancing With the Stars workout videos. So I have stuff that I want to do this week as far as working out goes. I just have to be proactive about saying, “Hey, can you stop playing Left For Dead 2 for a half hour so I can work out?” And I’m sure the answer would be yes, since the hubby is just as interested in me losing weight as I am. I just have to ask the question.

Current Weight: 196

Goal Weight: 165


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  1. Oh man Girl Scout Cookies. I got some at the store last week…and they’re gone now, and I’m going to try really hard not to buy more…maybe.

    My Friday (and/or Saturday!) is my eat-junk-without-guilt day too!!

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