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Work on my revisions has been few and far between (though I actually have a large amount done that just need to be transferred to the computer) and mostly done at H&R Block in between clients. It makes it a little hard to figure out how much time I’ve spent on it, so my row on Joe’s Goals is terribly empty. But I’m still making a little bit of time when I can. And we’ve hit the end of Peak. Peak is the two weeks of the tax season that are the busiest. Over half of the tax returns we do in a given year happen by the end of the first week in February. So, hours will be cut back and that means more time at home for working on revisions. Of course, it also means less income, but I’m trying to figure that part out.

There is someone who’s been working just as hard as usual: my Muse. I need to buy some manila folders so that I can create a place for keeping track of all the ideas she keeps throwing me. And I kind wish she’d take a vacation, at least from the idea-generation part of her job. Since right now, I have more ideas than I know what to do with. I could easily keep myself busy for eight hours a day for months, just with the projects I already have on my pile. But, I suppose once I make the transition to paid author, it’ll be nice to have the girl tossing ideas at me all the time. It’s just hard to appreciate it when I’m too busy to take advantage of her help.

I hope everyone else’s muses are workaholics, too.


Posted February 15, 2010 by Maidenfine in Writing

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