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In the past, I’ve only used food journals when it was part of a school assignment or something. But when I was out shopping with my sister, I spotted a used copy of the Outwit Your Weight Journal. After flipping through it a little and reading the back, I bought it and I’m going to be trying out this journaling thing for real.

The book recommends starting out with the Calorie Counting journal for at least your first two weeks, so that’s what I’m doing. And I find that just the act of journaling everything makes me think harder about what I’m eating. So far, I actually take in fewer calories than I think. But when it comes to junk food, just the act of having to figure out the serving size and write it all down discourages me. It makes the junk food seem less worth it.

I had originally planned to just use the first week to see what I eat, without trying to change anything. But before you start journaling, the book helps you figure out “budgets.” You figure out how many calories you burn just by breathing and such, then you take a little off of that to find your weight loss calorie goals. It also helps you figure out a budget for fat grams (or calories) and for exercise. So even though I originally intended to just observe for the first week, having those numbers in my head, means that I look at the stuff I’m writing down and gauge how I’m doing. Which, I suppose is just a weird example of the observer effect, where the observer and the observed happen to be the same person.

The really cool thing about the book (to me, anyway) is that there’s more than one kind of journal in it. It shows how to keep journals that track overeating, or emotional eating, or snacking. So after I finish with the calorie counting journal, I can decide what sort of track I need to be keeping of food, based on what kind of food issues I have.

I’ve already decided that my new focus to add for March will be portion sizes. I have a feeling that the food journal will have me started on that before March actually happens, but in March, it’ll be something I watch really carefully. And the Wii Fit Plus disc is fixed (thanks to this handsome guy at Vintage Stock). I worked out for the first time in about 2 months, and it did not make my body feel pretty, but that’s to be expected. And, on the bright side, I was able to do Jacknives and Downward Facing Dog, so my ab muscles are mostly healed from my surgery. Which makes me happy.

Current Weight: 192

Goal Weight: 165


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