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I haven’t done a post on a Friday in a while (if ever). But I wanted to point out a little something new. Over in my sidebar, there are now two pages. The About page, which has been there forever (though I realized I didn’t have a link to it anywhere), and now, my Must-Do list.

My younger sister, who has been working hard to change her life, has been watching The Buried Life. And since she’s in a place of self-discovery and self-improvement, she’s taken the lessons of the show and implemented them into her own life. AKA, she wrote a list of 100 things she wants to do before she dies, and she’s been encouraging everyone she meets to do the same. After a bit of coaxing, I decided to do it, though my list hasn’t hit 100 yet. Since there’s not much point to having the list if it isn’t public, I added a page here. This way, I have it in a place where I can always have access to it, I can keep track of what I’ve completed by crossing things off, and I can always add more. And it’s all in a place where other people can see it. And other people knowing what you want to do, sometimes has a way of making things happen.

For instance, my sister wants to go to the Renaissance Faire dressed up. I’ve been wanting to sew myself a Renfest costume for years. My grandparents are giving me a sewing machine. These three things can work together to not only make something I want to do happen, but also something she wants to do. And I never would have invited her to come over and sew Renfest stuff together if she hadn’t made the list and I hadn’t read it. So there you go. The lists are better when public.

As an aside, I’m also trying to decide where we should go for the “Free Hugs” item. Our mall would work, but I think it might make more impact in a KC mall. So I’m thinking on it.


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  1. I was just thinking that we should stand somewhere on Mass St in Lawrence.

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