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Work has been dead. Really, really dead. As in, I’ve been working 21 hours a week and doing 1 tax return in that time. Now, a person might say, “Hey, Debra, that leaves about 20 hours for you to do revisions in.” And I would agree. Except.

The phone rings. People walk in and out (there’s a bell on the door, so it doesn’t matter if they aren’t a client, I still always look when someone goes in or out). The other tax pros talk about whatever. They’re building a bank and some townhouses across the street. It all adds up to me being highly distracted at work. Which really cuts into my revision time. But maybe this week, I’ll pull them back out and see. Even if I only make it through one page in a week, at least I’ve made it through that page.

On another topic, my writers group has decided to write a group novel. It’s an exercise that’s basically designed to keep us all writing, by giving us a deadline and such. The woman who came up with the idea wrote the first chapter and then she drew a name from those who were interested to see who would write the next chapter. And I get to do chapter 2. Which makes me very happy for multiple reasons. First, I have become very good at turning off my internal editor for rough drafts. Thus, I can write even during my highly distracted work time. At least, I can write a first draft in that time.

Second, sometimes just doing something can prompt a person into doing the thing they should have been doing all along. So I’m hoping that writing my chapter will get me back into a rhythm of working that will translate into getting right back into my revisions when my chapter is done.

Lastly, I sometimes feel a little bit like the odd man out in our group. We’re getting a few other science fiction writers, but I’m the only one that really writes what I write. So, if I want to have anything super-powerish in the novel, the early chapters are the time to bring it in. And we can’t really get any earlier than chapter two. So I’m very pleased that I’ll be able to have a strong impact on the direction of the characters and such. Though, in chapter 3, they could kill anyone off that they want and basically undo it all. But I still feel like I have a big part in the development of the story this early on. So I like that I got chapter 2. And I’m greatly interested to see what we’ll end up with when we’re done.


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