WLW: Food, Energy, and Working Out   2 comments

I joined a forum for supporting women with PCOS. They didn’t have an introductions forum, so I didn’t know where to post to jump in. So I wandered around, reading here, reading there. I went to their Weight Loss forum and read their “Start Here” post. And it had a link to SparkPeople.com. And I think my life may have been changed by that one link. I won’t know for sure, really, until later. Probably for years. But it has definitely been inspiring, encouraging, and motivational.

SparkPeople is basically whatever you need it to be to help with your weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey. Do you need meal plans? They’ve got them. And they’re excellent. I’ve been eating from them and I feel like I have so much more energy now that it’s ridiculous. I’ve been waking up before my alarm goes off, even on nights when I’ve gotten to bed a little later than I’d like.

Do you need exercise routines? They’ve got them. And they’re easy to make work however you need them to. I had to adjust a little bit because the original exercises used equipment that I don’t have. But they had the same exercises with different equipment so I basically just had to find the same thing using something I actually had. And let me tell you, the workout kicked my ass. And I’ve been trying to work out fairly consistently for the last year. So there you go.

Do you just need something to track your progress? They’ve got that. You can track the food that you’re eating, or the exercises you’re doing, without using their routines and meal plans. And you can set it up to track pretty much anything you want. I have a tracker set up to keep track of how many pages of revisions I get done, so it doesn’t even stop at weight loss stuff.

Do you need a community for support, interaction, and maybe finding a workout buddy? They’ve got that. They call them SparkTeams, and there’s a team for just about anything under the sun. I’m in a team for my city, a team for parents of preschoolers, a team for people trying to live on less money, and two teams for women with PCOS trying to lose weight. And beyond just having forums, each team has a huddle, where you can post up a quick motivational message for other members on your team. The site hosts blogs, so whenever you post to your blog, it’ll show up in your team space. The whole thing is set up to give you the tools you need in order to know what you’re doing, and the community you need to keep doing it. And that’s not even getting into the recipes, articles, and health information they have on their site.

Basically, I’m in love with SparkPeople.

I started eating their meal plans, I ended up with more and more energy, and working out became easy to do. It’s not so hard to motivate myself onto the exercise bike when I actually feel like I have energy to spare. I’m not sitting on the couch thinking “I should exercise” but feeling too exhausted to manage it. And all of this adds together to being something that could very much change my life. It could change anyone’s life if they were ready for it to.


2 responses to “WLW: Food, Energy, and Working Out

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