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So, I’m late this week. I usually write my posts over the weekend, but I’ve been sick. I still am sick. But I figured I’m awake right now, and I’d be on the computer anyway, so I should do something somewhat productive. And here I am.

I’ve been working on my chapter for my writers group. Nothing actually written. But I think I’ve decided who I’m going to write about. I think. Part of me wants to write about this total side character (so far) and part of me figures that since the rule is no new main characters after chapter two, I should bring in a whole new set of people so the next person has more choices. Except that right now, there are technically 6 choices and already that’s overwhelming to me. So maybe I shouldn’t open it up to the entire universe for myself.

It’s interesting to me that I have absolutely no desire to give any of the characters a psychic ability. Not that I always have characters with psychic abilities, but for the most part, that’s my thing. So it’s just interesting to me. I also find it interesting that I’m not really curious at all about the female characters. I’m wanting to explore the male characters. Except that I haven’t come up with a good. . . thing, I guess, to be going on with the big mysterious guy. And I can’t really write from his POV without figuring out what’s going on. Or at least, figuring out in my own mind what’s going on. Since the next chapter writer could change it completely. But whatever.

I think maybe the fact that someone else has to pick it up after me is making it harder to write. Because I don’t want to limit them to my vision this early in the book. But I’m a total plotter, so it’s making me a little crazy to try and write something without a clear vision of where it’s going. But I’ll figure it out. I think it’ll be my goal at work this week to write my first draft. Just to have something down. I need to get it to the next person as soon as I can, so I want to at least get a first draft. I know after I write that first draft, I’ll wrangle it all over the place. But it’s better to have something to wrangle, than to be trying to wrangle it before I even write it.


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