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I lost another three pounds this week. It’s amazing to me how much weight I can lose even in weeks when I don’t really workout. But I’m eating so much better now, and I just think about what I’m eating and when.  I’m not just eating whatever’s in the kitchen and convenient. This week is the start of a new exercise adventure. I’ve added exercise to my planner, so it’s scheduled into my day now. But also, I’m doing some really interesting workouts that I think are going to be really amazing. If I can keep up with them.

The first part of my new workout routine is SparkPeople’s New You Bootcamp series. It’s a 10-minute video seven days a week. Then, for 5 of those days, you add 30 minutes of cardio. I really like the Bootcamp videos because it’s something new to do every day. And the videos are free, so that’s also awesome. And I like having instructions to follow.

For three of my five cardio days, I’m going to be doing the Couch to 5k. I am not a runner, but I’ve always admired runners, so I’m going to give this a shot just to see if I can become a runner. My body is changing shape and I wouldn’t mind encouraging it to take on the shape of a runner. I downloaded a set of podcasts to help you know when to run and when to walk, since I don’t have a gym membership anymore. No treadmill for me. I get to try this out in the super hilly neighborhood where I live.

The other two cardio days, I plan to just get in some time on the exercise bike.

I don’t think I’ll do the bootcamp every week. Maybe every other week. But I plan to keep up with Couch to 5k. So, I should still be making progress every week. And I really look forward to being able to run without dying. It may even encourage me to play softball with my husband this summer. If we can get a babysitter for the games. I still have terrible hand-eye coordination, so I won’t miraculously become a great catcher or a decent batter. But if I manage to hit the ball, it would be nice to run to first base without dying.

Current Weight: 185.5

Goal Weight: 165.5


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