Retreat, Renewal, and Refocus   Leave a comment

It seems the retreat relaxed me so much, I forgot to post last week. My Weight Loss Wednesday posts, as popular as they are, will probably be going on hiatus. It depends on what my doctor says.

Other than that, I haven’t gotten much writing done, but I’m okay with that. I don’t feel like I didn’t have time. I feel like I chose to focus on other things. I really just want to get my house the way I want it so that when I’m having writing time, I’m really all there. Writing without focusing on it completely leads to crappy writing. And I’m reaching a point where I care more about quality than quantity. Do I spend all day just sort of hanging out with my kid, or do I give her an hour or two of my undivided attention before moving on to something else that needs all of my attention?

Going to the writers retreat was a great experience, just like it has been the last two years. We had a small crowd, but I felt like I got to know them so much better. I felt like I actually became friends with the other writers in the group, instead of just being acquaintances that happen to enjoy the same thing. It was also incredibly renewing to be away from my house, my husband, and my kid for a couple days. I miss my family when I’m away, but it’s really important to spend time away from them so that I have the opportunity to miss them. It makes me appreciate them more.

The retreat was also excellent for refocusing. Since I had nothing but time to work on my writing, I was able to recognize a roadblock that had been slowing me down without realizing it. Suddenly faced with nothing to distract myself with, I had to figure out what was causing the problem. And that helped me to refocus on what I was doing and figure out a new game plan.

As I said, I haven’t been working on my writing because I’ve been focusing on other things. It’s not completely unlike in the past, when I let everything else come first. Except that I actually made a conscious decision to focus on my house and improving my marriage right now. And once I have a good, working routine in the house, making time for writing will just be a part of that routine. But first, I have to make other things routine. Like laundry and dishes and sweeping and vacuuming. All the things I never felt like I had time for, but the lack of doing them caused me to feel like I didn’t have time for anything else either.

And can I just say, as much as I’m definitely starting to feel the itch to write again, I’m also really enjoying how great my living room looks right at this moment. I’m not regretting my attempts at focusing on other things. In the end, it’s about balance. But sometimes, parts of life need more attention than others. And right now, my writing is not what needs my attention.


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