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Another tax season has come and gone. I always get a little nostalgic at the end of the season, because I really do enjoy doing taxes. They can be so confusing, and I like having the opportunity to explain them even a little bit to people. And if someone actually understands them when I’m done, that’s even better.  I always love the smiles of people who are getting great refunds. And I like even better when someone’s refund is more than they expected, especially if it answers a prayer for them. I feel bad for people who end up owing, or not getting what they expected, but I like helping them plan for something better the next year. And I like being in a position where I can help my closest family get their taxes done for much less than normal. It’s just all around something I love.

The last thing we do at the end of every tax season is empty our desk. And not just removing our personal stuff. We also remove all of the little H&R Block ad things that hang on the cubicle wall and we take all of our pens and pencils and staplers and everything. And then the desk just looks so bare and empty and alone. It always makes me a little sad. Though, on the last day of tax season, we also usually have a ton of food. Everyone brings something in and then we just eat whatever all day. And then the tax season is over and we all go home (except for those of us that work during the summer).


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