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I have been thinking a lot about the state of my Weight Loss Wednesday posts. Part of me says I won’t be losing weight for a while, so I should stop them. The other part says that they’re the most popular posts on my blog, so I’d be stupid to stop them. So I’ve decided to keep them going, though they may not be quite weekly.

I won’t be doing the Couch to 5k anymore. Not unless I get permission when I see my doctor in May. And by then, I may not want to do it anyway. I’m already really tired. So we’ll see. I will still be working out and attempting to eat right. But I won’t be losing any weight for about nine months or so. And my exercising won’t be nearly as intense (though it will hopefully be frequent). My diet won’t be nearly as strict.

The fact that I wouldn’t be doing as much is why I considered quitting the posts. What am I supposed to talk about on Weight Loss Wednesdays if I’m not actually trying to lose weight? But I think the things that I learn from attempting to work out and eat right are still valid even when I’m not trying to lose weight from them. So, while I’m not going to try to push myself to post them every week, I am going to keep them going.


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