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I have discovered a new “toy.” Only it’s a particularly great new toy because it speaks my language in order to get me to do things that I want to do anyway, but don’t always have the discipline to get done. This new toy is 750Words.com and I found out about it from an article on Lifehacker.com. Basically, it encourages you to write 750 words each day. On days when you write at least 100 words, you get a point. On days when you hit the 750, you get two points. It’s set up to be a journal sort of situation, but I think it’s great for establishing a writing habit. And a much more relaxed writing habit than NaNoWriMo. Because we don’t always have 50,000 words in us every month (though I probably do). But 750 words a day ends up around half that, depending on how many days are in the month. So if you’re trying to be a little more choosy with your words, or you’re trying to edit a scene, this is a great site for getting your thoughts out. I’ve been using it for trying to work out my editing block with one book and prewriting on another. And once the prewriting is done, I may decide to write the entire thing in 750 Words. The whole thing is totally private, so it’s not like doing it on a blog, where other people could see it and potentially steal it. The site is pretty no-frills. Just you and a text box that counts your way to 750. And there are some interesting and fun stats when you’re done.

So far, I’ve found that once I’ve got the 750 done, I’m in the zone to get even more done. I’m going to see if I can build up to doing at least 1500 a day. Or maybe more. Lori regularly accomplishes 3000 word days. Granted, she doesn’t have a kid or a job. But right now, I don’t have a job either, and my kid sleeps late. So I don’t have a very good excuse to not accomplish a heck of a lot more than I do. But it’s all about establishing habits. And this is one habit that I really want to establish.


2 responses to “750 Words

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  1. a) did you go to highland park south?
    b) I love 750 words. LOVE. love.

    • a) Yes, I did. In 5th grade.
      b) Are you doing the May challenge? Also, do you consider it cheating if you don’t do stream of consciousness but instead take things that you’ve written during the day (such as roleplaying posts that are particularly long and make you feel good about your life) and copy them in instead? My stream of consciousness can get kinda slow sometimes. But give me a task (like getting a character from point A to B) and I can write for a really particularly long time.

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