Fixing My Story With StoryFix   1 comment saved my NaNovel this past November. I openly admit that I never would have made it to 50,000 words if not for the Story Structure series on that site. It was mind-blowing. Now, I’m hoping that the information there will save a different novel: my first.

Some people will have read The Mansion when it was uploaded as a Sims 2 story. Other people will have seen the videos. But, when I started querying trying to write a synopsis, and reading, I realized that it was broken. Most definitely broken.

So, I’ve been trying to save it. I sent it to some beta readers, who all touched on a couple things that I was starting to realize on my own anyway. And then, since I was trying to focus on my Elemental editing, I was letting it simmer in the back of my mind. But I recently realized that Elemental is currently broken too (though in a much more specific way). The difference is that Elemental is broken in a way that I haven’t figured out how to fix yet. It’s got a disease that is diagnosed, but there’s no cure. The Mansion, on the other hand, has a pretty darn good prescription.

I’d already decided on a few things that needed to change (pretty big changes, too). But in order to see how those changes were going to play out, I took the story tool from and answered the questions about my novel. I’ll be moving some things from the middle of the story to the end and vice versa. And I’ll be changing how certain information is passed along. But for the most part, I feel confident that this time around, the novel is going to be right. And when I’m done with this rewrite, I’ll know what I’m doing for writing a query and a synopsis. Especially since, for the first time, I plan to write them first. I’ve already got my questions answered and large portions of my outline figured out. I just need to take that and turn it into a query, then flesh that out to a synopsis, and then use that and the outline to do the rewrite.

And I should probably put a new tracker bar on the right side of my blog page.


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  1. I’m impressed with this website and have added to my favorites! Thanks, Jean

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